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The Rainbow Ribbon Energy

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The Rainbow Ribbon Energy by Shawna Platt (Angel Shadow)

I’ve been receiving information on the rainbow wave of energy since early 2018. It wasn’t until a recent dream, and the information I received from my guides, that I felt an urgent need to share the messages.


First, let me share the dream:


I was driving in a car, and for some reason, I noticed how clear/clean my windshield was except for these three white smudges. While driving, I was trying to wipe these smudges off. Suddenly, the three smudges moved away from my windshield and flew into the sky and became angels sitting on a cloud. I remember thinking…they’re my guides. Ahead, the road took a sharp turn to the right and a rainbow appeared arching over my car, keeping up with my speed. Then the rainbow shifted and moved the right side of my car, still keeping up with the speed in which I was traveling. Suddenly, the rainbow stretched out and became a ribbon, waving like someone had a hold of each end and shaking it; a rainbow wave of light. I watched as this rainbow wave moved closer and closer to my car, knowing it would eventually surround me. I can’t express the feeling I experienced as this wave moved through my car. My entire car became filled with every color you can imagine and the vibration in my body was intense. After the rainbow wave moved through and out the left side of my car, I looked ahead and noticed the road I was traveling on was coming to an abrupt end. The road literally ended and I flew off the edge. Now I was free falling, but no longer in my car. The energy I was now in was light gray/dark white in color. Normally, when I free fall in a dream (this happens when you’re returning to your body) I tense up because the experience makes my uncomfortable….but not this time. I threw my arms out and allowed the free fall. I started spinning and laughing and enjoying the fall, rather than fearing it. Moments later, I woke up with my body tingling and vibrating to a point I had to get up. As I was getting off my bed, I sensed a presence in the room and knew someone came back with me. I immediately tuned in to who was in the room with me, and got a very clear message, “Don’t be afraid; trust the messages.” Then it was gone.


In analyzing the dream, I know the clean/clear windshield with the angel smudges, was telling me my vision is clear and to trust my instincts/intuition. The rainbow ribbon of light was confirmation of the rainbow messages I’ve been receiving most of 2018 and I’ll share them with you below.


These messages will not resonate with everyone. What I’m sharing is based on my intuitive knowing and the messages I receive from my guides. If they don’t feel right for you, then they’re not for you. It’s that simple. Your path is leading you down a different road and that’s okay. We’re all on our own journey. Respect that.


We’re all on the ascension journey, whether you believe in it or not. Some are just more consciously aware of it. Again, that’s okay. You’re still receiving downloads and upgrades to your system. Our DNA is literally being rewired and our physical bodies are feeling it. Any blocks you have in your chakra systems are in the process of being removed so they can spin at their true vibration. Our physical bodies are purging and adjusting at a much faster rate.

This is the first time in human 3-D history that we are ascending to a higher vibrational plane and literally taking our physical bodies with us. In order to do this, our physical bodies must vibrate at that level. If they’re not, physical symptoms, and sometimes illness, will be felt.


Don’t be afraid of the changes taking place within our bodies and on the earth. Gia is ascending as well and she’s making it known, so we better pay attention. No one is allowed to fully sleep during the ascension process we are currently experiencing. You’re either awake and on board, or you’re somewhat asleep and will continue to experience a life that is emotionally off balance and in chaos. Your emotions are linked to your body. What’s going on in your head will manifest in your physical body. There has to be alignment and a free flow of energy or you will feel it. Breathe…let emotions come and go, but don’t stay attached to them. Purge and release.


Emotions and Letting Go:

It’s very important that you observe and control your emotional reactions if you choose to evolve. Observe, but observe yourself, not others; they’re just the catalyst for you to learn the lesson. Once that lesson is learned, the catalyst will disappear and the lesson will no longer be needed. You’ll find the emotional attachment will no longer be there. You’ll have released that karmic debt and it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off you. How other individuals are evolving during this time is not for you to control, so don’t try. They have to do this on their own. Long standing relationships: family, friends, etc., will be removed if you no longer vibrate at the same level. We are truly living in a time where ‘like attracts like’ and there will be long standing situations that we simply can’t tolerate anymore. The Universe will make you so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to move away from it. Timelines are shifting as well and some are falling away completely. We have the power to create new timelines, but only those that vibrate at a certain level will be allowed. It’s like the Universe has had enough and we are being forced to wake up and come into alignment with the true spiritual beings we are. Lower level vibrations will still exist, but they will learn their lessons as well, in their own time. If you’re vibrating higher, you won’t be able to be in the same space as a lower vibrational energy. It will be impossible to endure.


The rainbow wave of energy is just one of the upgrades we’re receiving. Be open to the changes it’s bringing into your life. Go with the flow and allow your life to be transformed. If you’re ascending and moving with the flow, you’ll notice a quiet calm about the changes taking place. If not, you’ll be experiencing chaos and anxiety. Simply stop and observe. Allow yourself to truly feel your feelings. Ground yourself in positive light and become an active participant in manifesting the reality you expect. Remember, don’t focus on what you “want”, this is a different energy and you’ll simply have the experience of “wanting” it. This is how it works. Also, keep in mind, expecting another person to bend to your will, or trying to force them to do so, will no longer work. You are not to interfere with another individual’s free will through manipulation and guilt. You’ll only be creating negative karma for yourself and that’s not something you want to manifest. Communicate your feelings if you feel it’s in alignment to do so, but don’t be attached to the outcome. Let the Universe work its magic. Live your life, create your own future, and allow others to do the same. If they’re no longer on the same path, let them go. You have other things to do; other lessons to learn that they may no longer be a part of. Accept this and move forward.


Where Thoughts Go, Energy Flows:

Your beliefs will determine your experience. If you believe this is the end of the world, then that is the world that will be reflected back to you. Be careful where you place your thoughts for they are the energy you’re projecting out to the Universe. Thoughts truly are energy and once they’re released they continue on, gathering strength with other like-minded thoughts, and will eventually find their way back to you. This is how The Law of Attraction works (like attracts like). I understand how difficult it is to remain positive all the time. It takes tremendous discipline to be in control of your thoughts 24/7. When you catch yourself falling into a negative mindset, stop and observe it. Ask yourself where it’s coming from and what triggered it. Figuring out your personal triggers will be one of the most important things you do. Triggers will show you where you still need to heal, so don’t be afraid to face them head on.

The Collective:

More and more people are waking up and this makes the collective stronger. Think of the collective as mass consciousness, for that’s exactly what it is. It’s the collective thoughts of every human being on this planet and it’s a majority rules type of energy. As we evolve and raise our vibration, we’re literally making the collective stronger and the majority rules timeline(s) also become stronger. We are co-creating the future of this planet…together, so we need to make it a strong, powerful, loving, and continually evolving place. If every generation holds this vibration on the majority level, future generations won’t know any different and this is how they’ll live their lives, passing on more of this higher vibration. We may not feel we are One while experiencing our 3-D time on this planet, but our thoughts, as a collective consciousness, are. If you ever need to remind yourself of this during trying times, simply think “majority rules”. If that doesn’t change your perspective, I don’t know what will. Take responsibility for the energy you’re sending out into the collective.



What transition are you currently going through? What is the next phase/cycle that you’re being prepared for? If you can answer these questions and remain aware, the process will be easier to deal with and the transition could be less dramatic.

Whenever there are transitions, there are changes. As difficult as it is, change always has a purpose, but sometimes it’s frightening to blindly go with the flow. It’s our right to have free will and to be in charge of our own lives, so you have to decide where to draw the line of either taking charge or passively going with the flow.


One way to tell if you should be going with the flow is if you meet obstacles on your path. Most of the time, this is the Universe’s way of telling you to slow down, take a breath, and roll with it for a while. Let yourself be led through this transition time. Pay attention to the signs and messages from your guides. Know that when the time comes for action, you will know it. Your guides (or inner gut knowing) will not allow you to miss out on an important opportunity that has been divinely guided, but you will have your free will and it’s your responsibility to listen and follow up accordingly.


During any transition, you are being prepared. All of your lessons are preparations for the next phase/cycle and each phase/cycle is the learning period between transitions. Once a new phase/cycle begins, you have the opportunity to use everything you’ve learned. The lessons that were taught are always necessary. If you are not ready, and the lessons were not absorbed, you will find yourself in the same situation again, using the current phase/cycle of energy to try and move past them once and for all.


You can usually recognize a new phase/cycle by the changes that occur in your life. You may find yourself moving in a new direction, or wanting to, and I’ve learned that when the time is right, decisions usually make themselves. Everything seems to fall into place and the pieces are easily put together. There is no guess work; you simply move forward to the next phase. You should be able to get through each phase/cycle with more ease than the last because you’re bringing knowledge and understanding from the past with you. Each transition becomes easier now that you’re aware of the flow of phases, cycles, and transition periods. You recognize them for what they are and you grow accordingly.

Final Message:

The wheel is spinning and we have to look at our lives with a magnifying glass. What’s no longer working will be impossible to endure. The Universe is literally pushing us out of our comfort zones and into unknown territory. Relationships, friendships, family dynamics, work situations, etc. that are not in our current phase of vibration will be removed. If we don’t make the move(s) on our own, we will continue to experience a massive inner nudge. We have the free will to ignore it, but if we do, the transition will be much more intense. Take a deep breath and allow this change. It will be scary, terrifying for most, but we are being moved into our proper place for the future we have manifested. Read that again….we have manifested. Whether we realize it or not, we have envisioned this change and brought it about because we have an inner knowing that our current situation, whatever it is, is no longer working or in alignment with our current vibration. Let go of fear and continue to manifest on a conscious level, not just from the subconscious. Literally feel the feelings…this is important. Allow yourself to feel what it will be like when this move forward is complete. There may be individuals in your life who will not be happy with the changes you’re making, but it’s not their decision to make. Your life is your own. You don’t have to be combative or aggressive. Simply remain calm and in your power; making choices that are right for you. You’ll know when the time is right to act. That inner nudge will become so strong, the decision will be an easy one and you’ll move forward with courage. Trust that everything you need will be manifested in the way that will bring about the next phase/cycle that you’re meant to experience.

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Taking Risks and Making Them Work

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Taking Risks and Making Them Work

by Shawna Platt

How do you define risk? For most of us, a risk is something you feel has a questionable outcome. It’s something you’re insecure about. It’s when you feel apprehension or doubt. The bigger the risk, the more your safety feels threatened. To accomplish this goal means stepping outside your comfort zone; something most of us are uncomfortable with, but once you come to terms with the fact that life isn’t always going to be familiar to what you’re used to, you’re more willing to move forward into unknown territory and that means taking risks.

Whether you realize it or not, there are two things that need to occur before you consciously take a risk. You need to feel ready and you need to be willing. To be ready means you are expressing a desire to make it happen. Then you become willing and that adds a new dimension to your readiness. Being willing means you will most likely take action. When you experience a desire to make a change in your life, you become willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. You are then faced with the decision to take action by stepping into the unknown. This is where you experience risk, but if you know ahead of time what to expect from this risk, you can eliminate some of the fear you’re feeling.

How things appear are not necessarily how they really are. Appearances can be deceiving because you have a tendency to judge the situation from your own viewpoint. It’s important to change your perception of the conditions and situations you find yourself in before any real changes can take place. 

The Universe is always there to assist you during your risk taking process. Once you commit to taking action, the Universe will respond by bringing you the opportunities you need to carry them out, but you have to show you are serious about your goal, otherwise the signals you send the Universe are confusing. Remember the role your free will plays in any situation you find yourself in. By committing to action, you tell the Universe you are serious and expect (not want-this is a different energy) results. 

The first step is believing in the possibility of your goal. When you have faith that the Universe will respond and bring the opportunities you need, they will appear. You can think (or label) the Universe in whatever form you want, whether it be God, The Source, energy, etc., whatever you feel comfortable with, but you have to believe in it. This is where you get your power. 

When you firmly decide on a goal, your belief in the goal automatically falls into place. Try to remember a time when you made a decision without thinking about it. You simply knew you were going to do it. Now remember the feeling that accompanied it. There was no worry. No anxiety. No pressure. You made a decision, you took action, and the Universe responded, bringing the end result into view. Once things are set in motion, you will receive a clear vision of what you are meant to do to bring this reality you expect (not want) into being. 

Our goals first manifest in the fifth level of vibration; then the energy is pulled down into the third. Think about that for a second and keep in mind the third level of vibration is slow and dense. Sometimes it takes a while for what we’ve manifested in the fifth level of vibration to show itself in the third dimension of reality we currently live in. Also, remember you have free will. If you change your mind or alter your desired outcome, that is what will manifest in the third level of vibration. You may feel that your desires are not coming to fruition, when you really need to be honest about your intentions. Did you change your mind? Did your desired end result fluctuate in any way? The Universe will always respond to the energy you are sending out; the vibration you’re omitting.

You may feel you are making choices blindly, but you are really getting clues about your direction and choosing seems risky when you don’t trust where you’re being led. Once you understand that all you have to do is express the desire and only be concerned with what you will have (again, not what you want, those are different energies) the “how to do it” will be supplied for you. The only time you may not see your desire reaching its potential is when another individual’s free will is involved. You are not to interfere or manipulate another person’s free will. Ever. They may have a different view than you and may decide to move in another direction, but risk taking will always put you where you need to be when you are working on personal growth and potential. Let the other individual work on their risk taking process. They have no say in yours, and you have no say in theirs. 

Your belief in your goal can be victimized by negative thought patterns (energy). If you experience guilt, doubt, fear, shame, resentment, etc., this negative energy will create disbelief, and disbelief can undermine weeks, months, or even years of hard work. 

Every desire you experience has a purpose. Think of your desire/dreams/goals as instructions from the Universe. There is a greater purpose, even if you don’t realize it at the time. Your dreams and visions of the reality you’re seeking are your directions. This is another way of viewing intuition at work. Use your intuition and imagination to assist you. “Life is nothing but a series of visions.”

In Casey Chaney’s book, Ready, Willing & Terrified, she states, “You may not always feel like you are on track. But simply go about your business and the paths to your dreams will unfold along the way. You will still encounter doubt and indecision, frustration and fear. But the key word to remember is encounter. An encounter is a momentary meeting, not a lifetime venture. You will not be doubt and indecision, frustration and fear; you will encounter doubt and indecision, frustration and fear. Scraping out your old ideas and ways of life in order to make a place for the new and improved ones may be uncomfortable. This is what makes choosing risky. Though we encounter doubt, indecision, frustration, and fear along our path, our guidance will not fail us.” 

In order to make changes in your life, you need to take action. The Universe can only respond when you give it something to respond to. It is during the action part of risk taking that your fears and doubts will surface. It’s when you’re ready to take action that the reality of your choice hits home. You realize there is no turning back. You are committed to an action that will throw you headfirst into unknown territory. If you are going to back out, this is usually when it will happen. If you don’t take this action, the scary unknown will remain in the shadows and you will stay in the comfort zone of your old familiar situation. Your old beliefs will remain. Your old views will stay the same. Your situation will remain unchanged. Is that what you really want?

Sometimes, you don’t get the answer or direction you were searching for. Casey Chaney also states that, “When a mouse is placed in a maze, it starts to run through the maze looking for the cheese. As the mouse runs around the corner, it is faced with a wall, but it doesn’t give up the quest. Nor does it try to beat the wall down. The mouse simply turns around and follows the corridor that’s open, even if that corridor seems to take it in the opposite direction of the cheese. The result is that the mouse eventually finds the cheese, but with a little setback. Finding the cheese means to willingly look for the open corridor and take that route.” 

Here are five questions to help gain a different perspective. Use a current risk you are contemplating and your own worst case scenarios.

1) What do you wish you could do, but are afraid to do because it seems risky?

2) What is the worst that could happen if you take that risk? 

3) Do you truly believe the worst case will happen?

4) If the worst happens, will you be destroyed or will you be able to find an avenue beyond destruction?

5) Describe that avenue. 

Now, be willing for the worst to happen. You don’t have to look forward to it, just be willing. 

Don’t be so focused on the outcome that you miss the miracle in the making. Every achievement along the way is the vision manifesting itself. Remain conscious and aware of the stepping stones you encounter. Often, the miracles don’t appear to be miracles. Sometimes, we are forced to find alternatives, like the mouse looking for the cheese. When you experience conflict, look for the miracle (lesson) waiting to be discovered. Don’t give up on your search. What you desire may be around the next corner. There is no end to what you can accomplish as long as you’re willing to take the necessary risks along the way. Everyone who takes a risk experiences some discomfort and fear, but it is the individual who is determined to make the change, that overcomes their fear and moves forward in spite of them, that will see their dreams become a reality.

Copyright-January 2000

Reference book: Ready, Willing & Terrified by Casey Chaney 

Another good book by Casey Chaney, but not used as reference: Pardon My Dust, I’m Remodeling

Who I Am

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Who I Am by Terry McPhearson

I am not my hair, my eyes, my nose, or my mouth. I am not my skin or the shape of any of my body parts. I am not my strengths or weaknesses. I am not the IQ of my brain. I am not the levels of my skills. I am not the sound of my voice or the volume of my laughter. 

The temple of my physical make-up is a culmination of genetics. It reveals nothing about the person who resides within. I take no credit or point no blame for the way I look. My temple is perfect-as is. This body is not who I am. It is an exquisitely perfect dwelling for my soul. Everything about it is exactly as it should be. No other, anywhere, ever, could serve my soul as well. 

I am not anything you can see with your eyes or touch with your hands. Should you judge me by that criteria, you will never know me. I am not a dumping ground for bias that's based on a man-made standard and I do not accept the prejudice it creates. I am a union of body, mind, and spirit-a trio, not a solo. 

To know me is to know yourself. Those who hear the voice of their soul, recognize the song in mine. They do not stop at the front door and judge me by the dwelling in which I reside. With a humble sense of honor, they knock upon the door and ask to come in. The judgment of others does not change who I am. Quite the opposite is true. It reveals who they are.

Those who deem me unworthy at a glance and pass me by, have my blessing to keep walking, for they have a long way to go. They have not reached the point in their journey where they are able to see and appreciate me for who I am. I will accept no less.

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Another 5 Stars for Her Only Son

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“Her Only Son, by Shawna Platt, is a great thriller/suspense/mystery that you'll want to read. She has quite a way with words and tells a wonderful tale. Shawna is no one hit wonder, and she does justice to many genres. Read and enjoy!” ~Blaze McRob


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"I loved this book! From the first page until the last...could not put it down. Very good story line, loved the characters, hated some of them, and rooted for most of them. Nice twists in the plot. Great job, Shawna Platt, looking forward to reading more of your work. I am so glad I found another great author with great books to read." ~La Vonne Christian

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“Some say you create your own reality by your thoughts and actions, but sometimes life throws you into a series of events that had nothing to do with actions on your part. Sometimes life brings players onto the field you never saw coming. They hit you out of nowhere, blindsiding you with a force so severe you're left broken and disconsolate; your mind operating in fight or flight mode and the only thing you can trust are your instincts. You better pray they're right, these instincts, for they're all you've got to survive.” ~Shawna Platt

Deadline For Submissions

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The deadline for Shadows & Light's September issue is July 1st. To those who have sent in submissions, I will start reading through them next month.


All guidelines for submissions can be found on the Shadows & Light page on this website.

Happy writing!  :D

Excerpt From Clover Hill

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     The next morning was met with a bitter cold that froze the ground and the icy wind felt like knives against the skin of the townspeople who gathered on the hillside. Despite the cold, most were quiet as they faced the tree where the noose swayed. Sadness on their face as they knew they were losing a friend, but felt powerless against the church. For them, Marie St. James would be deeply missed. A few of Edward’s faithful followers preached the death of the witch was a blessing.

     Inside her cell, Marie stood and looked out the small window into the morning sky. She was not afraid of what was to come. She would accept her fate without guilt for who she was. She would die with her head held high.

     A guard approached her cell door and opened it. Marie turned and allowed him to bind her hands and ankles. Edward stood at the opening of her cell and as she was lead past him; he placed a gag in her mouth and tied it behind her head. He read from the Bible as Marie was lead from her cell out into the cold morning.

     Marie was lead to the steps outside the jail where Edward paused to allow the townspeople to view the accused witch. There were mixed reactions from the crowd. Most were expressing sadness and remorse. Edward’s followers were spitting at her and continued their fear based preaching.

     Edward pushed Marie forward into the crowed and she was lead up the hill to the tree which held the noose that would end her life. As Marie passed Cordelia, her eyes fell to the newborn baby she’d helped deliver. Bridgette stood beside Cordelia and wept as Marie was lead past them.

     “This is wrong,” she whispered, her voice full of fear.

     Cordelia patted her arm. “There is nothing we can do to stop it.”

     “We have to try.”

     Bridgette lunged forward and grabbed Edward by the arm. “This is wrong! She doesn’t deserve to die!”

     Edward pushed her to the ground and looked to the people who gathered around her. “Anyone who supports this witch will feel the noose around their neck as well.”

     Bridgette regained her footing and took her place next to Cordelia, her eyes burning with hatred.

     Marie reached the top of the hill and stood in front of the hanging tree. She turned to face the crowd and saw William and Frances standing together. William took a step forward, but Marie turned away. Edward grabbed her by the arm and pushed her toward the horse-drawn wagon. She was lifted onto the wooded crates in the back of wagon and the noose was placed around her neck.

     Edward stood in front of the wagon and looked up at Marie. “Marie St. James, you are here-by accused of practicing witchcraft. Let it be recorded, that on this day, October 25, 1685, you will be hanged by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul.”

     Marie looked out at the crowd and locked eyes with William. Frances stood beside him, tears streamed down her cheeks. Frances turned and spoke to William.

     “May you live with your conscious forevermore.”

     William lowered his head to the ground; remorse showed on his face. “I’m bound by the laws….”

     Frances cut him off with a wave of her hand. “She carries your child.”

     William looked at Frances, his eyes full of shock and turned toward Marie, still standing on the wooden crates. Before he could respond, the horse was slapped and charged forward, pulling the wooden crates out from under Marie’s feet. Within seconds, Marie’s body jerked as the noose took hold. Frances closed her eyes, turned, and walked away. The crowd slowly disassembled.

     William stood, frozen, watching Marie’s body sway back and forth. He caught Edward out of the corner of his eye as he was leaving. William blocked his path.

     “Aren’t you going to cut her down?”

     Edward smiled and turned toward Marie’s hanging body. “She will hang here for the remainder of the day, as a lesson to others.” Edward walked over and stood by Marie’s hanging feet. “I’ll be spitting on your grave tomorrow.” He turned and walked away, patting William on the shoulder. William stood alone, watching Marie’s body sway back and forth at the end of the rope. He lowered his head again.


     In the darkness of the forest, Marie ran. Her thoughts were frantic. She had to escape, but she didn’t know why or from whom. She only knew she had to get to her cottage. She’d be safe there…or would she? She didn’t know. She was so confused. Her cottage came into view and she charged through the front door, breathless. She saw Frances seated by the fireplace. Saint was in her lap, but jumped down and went to Marie. She reached down to pet him and looked to Frances.


     There was no response. Marie walked to her and touched her shoulder. Frances shuttered and turned. No one was there. She turned back around, confused, and gazed into the fire. Saint let out a loud meow. Frances turned and saw the cat walking in circles, his attention drawn to something Frances couldn’t see. Marie became anxious and touched Frances’ shoulder again.


     The front door burst open and William rushed in. Frances pushed to her feet and attacked him. William held her by the arms, but took a few good blows to the face. He pushed her out at arms length.

     “I’m so sorry!”

     Marie stood by the wall and watched.

     Frances continued her assault. “She’s gone! You could have stopped this!”

     William shoved her away, angry. “I couldn’t stop it! I tried to get her to…..”

     Frances collapsed on the floor and wept. “Her body is still hanging out there. She was carrying your child.”

     “Why wasn’t I told?”

     “She hadn’t known for long. She told me the child would die with her.”

     Marie’s eyes widen in horror. She turned and fled the cottage.


     Marie ran through the forest, low tree branches gripped her clothing.

     “No! No!”

     She increased her speed until she reached the tree where her body hung. She grabbed the clover pendent hanging from her neck.


     She stepped closer to the tree and dropped to her knees, her face in her hands. She raised her arms and head to the sky and screamed, “Why?” Birds scattered. Her breathing increased as a wind began to stir the leaves around her. Her hair began to lift and blow. Slowly, she lifted her head and her hair turned black as the wind whipped through it. Her breathing was heavy and controlled. She stood slowly and raised her arms and head to the sky. The wind increased and whipped her dress and hair. Her eyes turned black as night. Her lifeless, hanging body swayed in the gusts from the creaking tree branch. She stood before her swinging body as the wind swirled out of control. She turned to face the town below, took a few steps and raised her arms to the sky once more. In a voice of controlled anger and intent, she spoke.

     “This grass will die. This tree will twist. I cover all of you in mist. The ones responsible soon will pay. Their beating hearts I take away.”

     A violent storm engulfed the town and hillside. Marie slowly made her way down the hill into town. Back at the cottage, William and Frances noticed the sudden storm brewing. Frances rushed to the front door and opened it; wind and rain pushed through the opening. Frances stepped out on the porch. William joined her and Frances turned to him.

     “It’s Marie. She’s returned.” The eerie feeling she felt earlier in the cottage made sense to her now and explained why Saint had acted strangely.

     William looked out at the growing storm. “What is she capable of?”

     Frances shook her head. “It depends on how angry she is. I would be more worried about the people she may seek revenge on.”

Click here to read Clover Hill

Excerpt From Quota

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     Drake sat at his desk and leaned on his elbow with his hand on the side of his face. He hated school, and pretty much, everyone in it. He gazed out the window and wished for freedom. His life was a joke. He got along well with his dad, but his mom was pushy and demanding. Nothing was ever good enough for her. He’d show her someday. She thought he didn’t know, but he did. He knew, all right, and she’d pay for it. Yeah, he thought, maybe this would be the year she’d pay for it. The bell ending class snapped him to and he loaded his books in his arms and filed his way to the hall with the rest of the cattle. At least today was the last day before Christmas vacation.

     Lunch was uneventful, as usual. He sat in the corner and watched the fake exchange of emotions take place. People are strange animals, he thought. He opened his notebook and scribbled. He looked up again and smiled. More like a sneer. Should he warn them? He never had before, but maybe this would put some excitement back in the game. She thought he didn’t know, but he did, and she would pay for it.

     Rachel rushed through the front door and marched straight up the stairs to Drake’s room. She opened his closet door and started digging. Every shoe had a mate, and the shoe missing a mate, the one in question, could not be found. She sat on the floor and dug deeper. There it was, tucked in the back corner, the other shoe from the photo with traces of blood. She sat back and stared at the evidence in front of her. What was she going to do with this? She pushed off the floor, went to her bedroom, and opened her walk-in closet. She found an old luggage bag and stuffed the shoe inside. She grabbed some sweaters off their hangers and stuffed them in as well. She placed the luggage bag on the top corner shelf and stacked other bags on top of it. She sat on the edge of her bed and listened. Why did it always have to be so quiet?

     Daryl sat on the park bench outside his office building. It was cold, too cold to be sitting on a park bench, but he didn’t care. It was snowing again; it always snowed in Montana in December and it was one of the things he loved about it. He thought about Rachel and her obsession. She thought he didn’t know, but he did, and she had to be stopped. There was only one way out of this and Drake had to be kept safe. This year, her obsession would stop. He’d make sure of it. He glanced at his watch and realized his next patient would be coming soon. He rose from the bench and walked toward his office building, feeling the shadow following close behind, and had a plan formulating in his mind on how he could stop Rachel from doing more harm.

     Rachel sat on the couch and took another sip of wine. Daryl would be home soon and she had to find a way to talk to him about Drake. What was she going to do with the shoe evidence? Should she continue to hide it and wait for the best time to bring it forward? When was the best time? She had to plan it out carefully. For years, she’d been hiding the secret and now it was getting out of hand. She leaned back on the couch and swirled the wine in her glass. Everything was about to blow up in her face. How she hated Montana and the life she’d built there. She wished she’d stayed in Seattle instead of moving to this god-forsaken town. The last few years had been building up to this moment and she wasn’t about to have it ruined now. Stay calm, she told herself. You can do this. Family or not, she had to finish it.

     She was still seated on the couch, on her third glass of wine, when Daryl returned from work.The alcohol she’d consumed had built up the courage she needed to address the issue. She held her glass up, as in a toast, and smiled when he walked in the room. “We have to talk about Drake.”

     Daryl stood for a moment, accessing the situation. He sighed deeply and sat on the couch next to her. He watched as she swirled her wine, hating the person she’d become. “What do you want to talk about?”

     “Drake, of course.”

     “Yes, you said that. What about Drake?”

     She tried to sit forward, but gravity was no longer cooperating. He pulled her by the arm to a full sitting position, took her wine, and set it on the coffee table. She pointed a not so steady finger in his direction.

     “Drake is in trouble.”

     “Drake is fine.”

     She shook her head. “No! No, he isn’t. He’s got some serious problems that need to be addressed.” She paused. “I found the shoe.”

     His brow creased at her words. “What shoe?”

     She swayed on the couch. “His other shoe.The missing mate. Bloody. I have it, you know. This missing shoe.”

     He moved in closer. “What are you planning to do with this….shoe?”

     She swayed again and fell against the back of the couch. “I don’t know yet, but I have a plan.” She pointed her finger at him again. “A really good plan,” she laughed.

     He stood and held a hand out to her. “You’re drunk and need to go to bed. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Drake is not in trouble and I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding the shoe.”

     “They found a shoe at the crime scene. It matches Drake’s, but I could only find one, and it’s bloody. What do you think that means?”

     He grabbed her by the arm and jerked her off the couch. “It means you’re drunk. Are you accusing your own son of murder?”

     She wobbled in front of him, and when she spoke, her breath smelled like a stale wine barrel. “I don’t know what to think anymore.” She pushed away and made her way upstairs. It took a few tries, and Daryl thought she’d fall back down them, but after a moment he heard the bedroom door close. He ran his fingers through his hair. He had to speak to Drake about the shoe. What had Rachel done? Whatever it was, this time she went too far.

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