Shawna Platt (Angel Shadow)


Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting Services

If you’re in need of editing, proofreading, or formatting services, please email me with your project details.



"Shawna Platt is a professional in every sense of the word. Her clean edits, timeliness, and ability to work with you on your level are superior to many of those charging hundreds of dollars more." ~Nicholas Grabowsky (Black Bed Sheet Books)

"It is always a pleasure to work with Shawna. Her professionalism and editing skills are top notch, and you can always rely on her positive, honest feedback. She does not just help you grow as an author, but helps you grow as a person. I look forward to working with her in the future." ~Rick Powell 

"Shawna is mysterious and bright and it has been an honor to work with her in the Shadows & Light Anthology. She is prolific at what she does, with supreme excellence." ~Sandy Rozanski
"I was a first time author with a book that I didn't think would be publishable. Shawna was able to turn a rough manuscript into a polished gem. Without her services, it would have been a wreck of misused commas and repetitive phrases." ~Michael R. Collins
"No one is easier to work with than Shawna. Her lightning fast turn-around makes the entire process a breeze, and she knows how to deliver tough love in a way that is both respectful and efficient. I would use her again and recommend her in a heartbeat." ~AnnMarie Martin 
"Shawna Platt is a gifted editor, and my experience with her as a contributing writer to Shadows & Light was both rewarding and insightful. Shawna's uncompromising passion for detail, while still maintaining sensitivity and flexibility toward balance, tone, and intention, is rare and edifying. I highly recommend Shawna's editing and literary services. They're a tremendous resource." ~Patrick Falconi 
"Shawna published my first story ever, though she suggested I change the ending. I was hesitant, but glad I did it.  She was the extra set of eyes I needed to create a better story." ~Chad Lutzke
"I have produced and published a number of my works through Shawna Platt for at least the past five years, if not more. She puts together, what I would consider, high quality formats and breaks within my stories that make them look as if they came straight out of a traditional publishing house. On top of that, she has given me valuable input on how I could further develop the story and has helped me catch a number of typos before the story is sent out to the public. She is a self-made editing professional that ensures your work is published at a high quality level and is very responsive to any publishing questions that you may have.  I would highly recommend her services." ~Gianandrea Maoli