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Lessons From the Shadows (formally, Bridging the Gap, now out of print) contains Shawna’s most popular self-help and shadow work articles.

Her article, Human Relations and Dynamics, was featured on the International Beat (InBeat) 'Writer of Note' Program.

Articles include:

Bridging the Gap Series: Crossing the Bridge, Facing Your Shadows, and Finding Your Balance, Anxiety Series: How the Body Handles Stress, Locating Your Personal Triggers, Waking Up With an Anxiety Attack, Handling Out of the Blue Attacks, Why Proper Breathing Works, Human Relations and Dynamics, Lessons From the Shadows, Finding Your Place in the Puzzle, Multiple Personalities and Unresolved Emotions, Remaining Spiritual in a 3-Dimensional World, The Masks of Humanity: Self-Created Shadows, The Mind/Body Connection, The Soul vs the Personality, What is Spirituality?, Taking Responsibility For Our Actions, Live and Let Live, Drawing Lines, Going With the Flow, Detoxing the Soul, Defining Who You Are, Emotional Healing Through Dreams, Dealing With Uncertainty, Healing, Healing the Inner Child, Rising Above, Shadows Within the Light.


Testimonials for Shawna's Self-Help Articles:

"I want to say a big thank you! In a way, you became my special guardian angel. Every time I asked for help you listened, guided, and supported me." ~Nita

"Just a note to say I enjoyed your article. I've not yet found a more thorough, yet simple reading on the subject. I came from a religious, yet abusive home. All the steps you covered were the exact process toward my healing." ~Kevin Wicker

"Would it be okay if I placed this in our journal for Domestic Violence Awareness Month? This is such powerful writing and I love your emphasis on doing this for you and no one else. There's such strength and conviction in this essay. You are an amazing woman!" ~Joanna (The Survivor Archives) 

"You gave me some great advice that is helping me work through some issues." ~Cleo

"Thank you so much! I could give you the mother of all hugs if you were here." ~Loz

"Your work is accurate and concise...incredible insight." ~Fr. John B. Reid, Ph.D, CSJ